Make Your Job Great Again With Automation

It’s a fact. We don’t all have the opportunity to work with the GAFAM and benefit from their will to make their employees comfortable at work.

Although the work environment is now on the top list of the employer concerns, I think all of us have the responsibility to make our job great again. I mean, we have to identify what demotivates us.

For sure, daily tasks that are time-consuming with no added value will not make you feel like a superhero. These tasks are the ones that make us sigh. We postpone them but we always keep them in mind and they make us suffer. So try to identify and get rid of them.

Optimization and automation

One of the possibility is to achieve them as fast as possible, once it’s done it’s done and we do not think about them anymore.

In my opinion, it’s not the best solution because most of the time, you do not win anything by doing them. If you do not like to do something, then try to do the necessary to not have to do it again and again. Try to optimize and automate your recurrent tasks as much as possible.

This will make you save time which you will be able to use to optimize some of your other tasks, etc… It’s a virtuous circle. And imagine the benefits when a whole team goes this way.

But it’s not only time-saving: try to compare the interest of coding a script or a program with a recurrent fastidious task. It’s obvious, coding is a more pleasant task. You will have the feeling to do something with a sense. If you transform all your tasks like this, trust me, you will enjoy more and more your job.

Moreover, it’s like documenting your work. You will not be tied anymore to stupid tasks and will be able to spend time on more rewarding ones.

If you already did it, if a robot can do it, then code it.

Be smart! Do not spend weeks to automatize a task you do once a quarter and that takes 2 minutes. Try to identify the tasks that deserve to be automatic ;-)