Let's Discover Docker

In the previous post, we discovered how to use package managers to install applications.

Few years ago, this could have been a great option to prepare a development or a runtime environment in few seconds by scripting the commands to install all the required applications. But nowadays, we have a better solution: containers.

Containers are like a sandbox in which you can specify everything you need, by creating an image.

Each you time you will start your container, it will be reset and you will have a fresh brand new environment. This means you can do what you want in your container without the fear of breaking anything. And you know we can learn a lot by making errors, and errors again.

This is also particularly useful when you work in team: the same configuration can be used by all developers. Moreover, if you use containers in production, you will be sure that what you tested during the development phases will run in the same context in production.

In this post, we will discover how to use Docker containers, to test softwares in existing Docker images. Then, we will learn how to create our own image. So… Let’s discover Docker ! 🙂

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